Field days and presentations

Soil Health Workshop 20th May 2019

Click the links below to download the various presentations

Melissa Rebbeck – Climate & Agricultural Support Pty Ltd

Peats Soils AORA

Mathew Warnken – Agriprove

Oli Madgett – Platfarm (Video)

Oli Madgett – Platfarm (presentation)

Rebecca Tonkin – Soil Acidity and Soil Health

Rebecca Tonkin – Soil P and Soil Health

Rebecca Tonkin – Measuring Soil Health

Tim Marshall-Supporting information

Tim Marshall Presentation

Deane Belfield – Regenerative Farming


Feed Budgeting and Nitrogen in the Soil


Melissa Rebbeck N and the soil

Hamish Dickson – Feed Budgeting and Management


Field Day on the Fleurieu – Soil Health and Water Use


Deane Belfield

Melissa Rebbeck

Peter Toome

Jeremy Nelson

Greg Mitchell



Biochar and pasture field day 16th May 2017

A field walk was conducted on the 16th of May at the biochar site at Willow Creek and was to coincide with a meeting of the Fleurieu Beef Group. It was also advertised to the Parawa Agricultural Bureau Group. Members of both groups were able to bring others along. There were 30 farmers in attendance.  A presentation was provided on the results to date of the biochar trial and an update on the soil health trial was provided. A copy of the presentation is provided here

Biochar-FleurieuForwardFarmingGroup-DClements (72)

Pictured above: Pasture cages on Lucerne and Phalaris at Willow Creek and farmers in background at pasture walk.

Field day at Delamere on 30th March 2017.
Funding from the AWI supported “Sheep Connect” program was provided to conduct a field day at Delamere on 30th of March 2017 also supported by AMLR NRM. Peter Filsell property (chair of the FFF) was used to host the day. Several presentations were provided including the one in this Link provided by the Soil health project manager Melissa Rebbeck, giving a rundown of the soil health case study sites and the biochar site.


Pictured above: Farmers and advisors looking at mobile drenching truck at Delamere Field Day.


Pictured above: Peter Filsell (FFF Chair) showing custom made sheep drafting equipment at Delamere Field Day.

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