Fleurieu Beef Group Incorporated


Message from the Chairman
Welcome to the Fleurieu Beef Group Inc web page.

Cattle farming involves management of the three L’s – Land, Livestock and Labour. The Fleurieu Beef Group addresses all three of these components through field days, workshops, farm walks, projects, guest speakers, monthly meetings and resources within the group.

The advent of MSA grading has confirmed what many suspected; the Fleurieu Peninsula produces some of the best grass-fed beef in Australia as evidenced by very high MSA Index scores achieved. Additionally processors have reported on the production of high quality hides from this region.

Fleurieu Beef Group Inc presents opportunities for producers to learn and improve their cattle business whilst developing friendships and participating in discussions amongst like-minded people. With a long history of continued operation (since 1998) together with a strong core membership and links with many important industry bodies the group is well placed to support cattle producers into the future. For your copy of the constitution and a membership application form, contact the Secretary below.
Mark Higgins

Meetings: The group meet at various locations on the third Tuesday of each Month (except January) from 8:30am till about 12pm.

Activities: include field days, workshops, farm walks, projects, guest speakers, and more. Recent endeavours include the introduction of dung beetles to our farm properties and the MLA Farm 300 program.     Biochar-FleurieuForwardFarmingGroup-DClements (72)

Aims: to improve management of the three Ls (land, livestock and labour) and hence improve profitability via evaluating our; pasture productivity and utilisation, the cost-effective control of pests and weeds, sustainable and regenerative grazing systems, soil health, cost of production, herd management, genetics, optimal nutrition and other ideas as agreed by group members.

We encourage the use of on farm quality assurance, work place safety, biosecurity and cooperation with the aid from various statutory or sponsorship bodies for projects, programs or trials.

To Join the Fleurieu Beef Group come along to 3 meetings, to see if you like what we do. If you decide to join, ask the secretary for a simple membership application.

Annual Reports

In 2019 – FBG produced its first annual report. This can be found here


Chairperson:  Mark Higgins                                                                                                         Hm: 08 85554012 Mob:0429 979 926 E-mail:mhiggins6@bigpond.com

Vice Chairperson/Program Coordinator: Robin Smith                                                         Mob: 0408 170 604 E-mail:  prws50@bigpond.com

Secretary/Treasurer: Melissa Rebbeck                                                                                      Mob: 0427 273 727  E-mail:  melissa.rebbeck@bigpond.com


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